Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to pay via Visa card nothing happens?
It is most likely that your internet browser is blocking pop ups. The visa card transaction is done on a secure page provided by Bendigo bank. This opens in a new window and allows you to complete the transaction.
To fix this allow pop- ups for this site

The secure Bendigo Bank payment page is not accepting my Credit Card
In some rare occasions your card may be fine but it still wont work. Send EntryZone an email with your contact details so we can call you and try to do a manual transaction so the entry can be completed.

I have 2 or more of the same entry in my checkout?
To fix this problem navigate to the Shopping cart via either the link at the top of the page or the “Your Entries” information in the left side column. You will see in the QTY box for that entries the number 2 or more. Change this to 1 and hit the refresh button beside it. This will now show the number 1 and the Sub-Total at the bottom will have been adjusted

Can I enter more than one event?
Yes you can enter as many as you want and only have to do one transaction. You can enter your friends or family. MTBA rules apply and a valid MTBA license will need to be presented at the event for the participant or a day license purchased.

Can I change / edit my entry details?
YES. To change the details of your entry prior to an event log in with email address and password.
Once logged in on the top of the site click on ‘MY Account’
You will now see a list of your previous Entries. Click the ‘View” button beside the one you want to edit. Now click the edit button.
You can now edit any details that do not effect price of that entry. Once done click on update at the bottom of the page.

Can I change Categories?
In an enduro you are not able to change a category on-line. Please send an email to EntryZone and we will help you make this change.
In events other than enduro's, you can Change Categories by following the steps above in the edit my entry details section.

Do I need an MTBA Licence?
If you're entering in to an event which asks for your MTBA license then you must have a members license or a day license for insurances purposes. We recommend that if you're a regular then sign up for a full MTBA license. Otherwise if this is a one off event for yourself purchase a day license - if you decide to buy a full MTBA license in the future you can send MTBA your day license for a discount. For more details please visit