Current Entries For Events

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Please note that not all events are listed below at the request of event organisers.

G50 - Gravel Series 2021
The Outer Wombat Gravel GrindNo Entrants Yet
The Dirty Yack - Gravel GrindNo Entrants Yet

Harcourt Gravity Enduro
Elite and Under 19 EntryNo Entrants Yet
Expert, 40+, Under 17 and E-Bike entry1 Entrants So Far
Sport and Under 15 entryNo Entrants Yet

Pro Sport ISO Marathon
Pro Sport ISO Full Marathon18 Entrants So Far
Pro Sport ISO Half Marathon31 Entrants So Far

 Expert Men 
  JJ O’Connell

Celia Boyle
Danielle Rys
Felicity Baker
Frank Weber
Hayley Farrugia
Iseult McReynolds
James Butler
Katie Bourke
Matthew Taylor
Michael Culliver
Michael McEwan
Nick Jones
Patrick OBrien
Paul Hodge
Steven Kastrinakis
Tim Smith
Todd Kenny
Wendy Wood

Angela Stella
Anna Glynn
Anthony Namana
Bronte Midgley
Carolyn Morton
Daniel Venditti
Diane Videky
Dom Catalano
Fee Moore
Gabby Bassett
Hanna Whiteside
Harrison Hackett
Harrison King
Heidi Smith
Jason Bilich
Jimmy Todd
Katie Farrel
Kiahann Namana
Lachie Mason
Lisa Fox
Lorinda Morley
Louise Boyle
Louise Hackett
Mandy Rethus
Maria Stella
Matthew Burton
Matthew Smith
Paul Bunn
Rob Joyes
Sophie Pollard
Steve Sharratt