Are you ready for the toughest Mountain Bike Marathon in Australia?
Sunday 17th March
Mount Avoca Winery, Avoca Victoria

This year Big Hill Events has cut back the course distances to focus on the two most popular distances. But as an additional event has introduced the 4.5-ish Enduro which takes participants round the 7.5k State XC Championship Course - Starting at the same time as the Marathon Challenge and finishing when the first Marathon Rider returns to the Winery. If you'd prefer that - head over to that page, this page is for the big guns!

The courses have a great mix of fire road, 4wd tracks, double track and single track which includes the newly upgraded Pyrenees Endurance trail.

In our 2012 survey we asked riders the following quesiton "We know this course is hard - but do you feel you were adequately supported?" 100% said yes. This is due to our fully stocked feed zones and fantastic marshals (15 marshal points!) who help out along the way

For more info head to Big Hill Events

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