Tour de Beechworth

 Road  VIC

Saturday July 27th 2019 12:00 PM

IDE – Saddle up for a tour of the best tarmac and gravel Beechworth has to offer. A 80-100km loop through the rolling hills of the region with a solid KOM climb for a coffee and regroup before rolling back to the brewery. DRINK – Enjoy some of Australia’s best craft beer with fellow riders at Bridge Road Brewers, Beechworth. EAT – Whether you’ve ridden or not join us for a provincial dinner between the brewery tanks. The French themed feast will showcase the best produce of the Victorian High Country. SPECTATE – Enjoy a live and exclusive Skype cross on the big screen to SBS’s Mike Tomalaris at an exciting stage of the Tour de France. As always we’ll have an interactive session with Mike, with a report on the Tour de Beechworth ride as well as answer all your tour questions. Then we’ll kick back with a drink and some cheeses and enjoy the final mountain stage of the 2019 tour. Comments
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