Dirt Squirts 3 to 8yrs age
Dirt Squirts 3 to 8yrs age
Bendigo Womens MTB Challenge

Dirt Squirts 3 to 8yrs age

The Bendigo Club Women’s 3hr MTB Challenge
SUNDAY 26th MAY 2019

Back for its 4th Year the Bendigo Club 3hr MTB Challenge is all about you – no matter if your a regular MTBer or new to the game this years even has something for everybody.

Introducing 2 new Loops – the Trail Blazers & The Trail Blitzers.

Trail Blazers – You are relatively new to the MTB game or just starting out, like a little challenge but not a fan of rocks and are looking to have a laugh.  Trail Blazers will ride the Spring Gully Green Loop (approx 4km)  Trail Blazers can be a Pair or Solo or a Junior Pair or Solo 14yrs and under.

Trail Blitzers – You are a regular MTBer who loves a challenge, doesn’t mind the rocks and have raced before.  Trail Blazers will ride the Blue Loop, Russ’s Bridge & the Green Loop (approx 5km)

Trail Blitzers can be Pairs or Solo 15yrs and over.

EARLY BIRD ENTRY – MARCH 8th – MARCH 22nd – less $5 and all go in the running for a voucher from BUFS Optical Valued at $240

Free Girls Dirt Squirts event for 3 to 8yr old girls

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