Pro Sport ISO Half Marathon
Pro Sport ISO Half Marathon
Pro Sport ISO Marathon

Pro Sport ISO Half Marathon


2020 has seen so many disruptions to everything but one of the biggest ones up there for our community was the cancellation of so many running events across Australia and internationally. ProSport had 67 runners booked into International World Major Marathons this year and this doesn’t include the rest of our members and friends that had various shorter or local events to tick off. In the absence of an event to train for and an abundance of people looking to fulfil a goal, we have devised the ProSport Iso Marathon and Half Marathon to take place Sunday 5th December. The event will be adaptable to comply with whichever restrictions may be enforced in October (of which we all hope there are none but we are prepared either way to give you all a ripping event to look forward to).


Entry to the Pro Sport ISO Half Marathon

Sunday 5th of December
Start time: 7.30am

Starting Line: Corner of New St & Beach Rd, Brighton
Drink stations:   11k mark - corner of Kerferd Rd & Bay Trail, Port Melbourne

See Half Marathon Course here:

Course description: Starting in Brighton, we run through St Kilda before hitting Albert Park/Port Melbourne. From here we will take a right & head along the Sandridge Rail Trail before turning left at Clarendon Street to the iconic Melbourne Casino before then turning right to run along the famous Yarra River past the boat sheds, beside the famous Tan, across the river until we hit the Mary Street exit. Once we hit that exit ramp, we have 100m till the finish line where the music, beers & the true, unmistakable feeling of finishing a half marathon kicks in. 

Proudly supported by Cocobella

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